The restaurant forced to move with the closure of the Wasserbahn reopens in the shopping center

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) – A restaurant forced to relocate with the closure of the hotel and Wasserbahn water park has reopened after finding a new home. Pino’s Sicilian Pizzeria is now located in the Williamsburg Mall.

Joseph Taormina senior, known as “Pino,” opened Pino’s original Sicilian pizzeria in Michigan years ago. This business closed in the early 1990s, but operated with recipes that Pino brought directly from Sicily.

These are recipes his son Joseph wanted to continue with his own family in Iowa.

“He said dad, can you give me this recipe? I said I’ll give you the recipe okay, but can you promise you’ll be able to handle it? He said yes, I will be able to do it,” Pino said.

“He does a very good job,” added Tina, Joseph’s mother.

The business near Wasserbahn was forced to relocate with the sudden closure of the hotel last month.

“I really haven’t slept since this closure. So it opened up in what many thought was almost impossible in two weeks,” said Joseph, the owner’s son.

The family says the community helped them relocate the business in just two weeks.

“You know, by lending us trailers and helping us move and lift heavy equipment, I mean we really appreciate this community,” Joseph said.

And his father Pino was there to see his recipes live.

“He looks at it and I know he’s proud of me. He just won’t say it because he’s stubborn,” Joseph said.

It wasn’t easy, but the family persevered to keep the business going despite the tough times.

“We get a little angry and upset and then we step back and say the only way is up. There is no down for us,” Christina said.

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