The truth about Dolores and Frank Catania’s relationship


Dolores Catania was a large part of the Real housewives franchise since his arrival The Real Housewives of New Jersey in 2016 for the seventh season. Dolores shared that she had $ 500 before she joined the cast and now has a net worth of $ 4 million.

Dolores is kind and loyal and an amazing friend and mother. She often shares her opinion on the show and fans are used to seeing her family life. Dolores has two grown children, Frankie and Gabrielle, and fans are used to seeing Dolores hanging out with her ex-husband Frank.

Not everyone is that close to someone they’ve been married to, so fans are really interested in hearing more about this relationship. We will take a look.

Divorced … but close

Many fans want a RHONJ spinoff show with husbands and it’s true that viewers feel like they know Frank Catania after watching him for several seasons.

RHONJ fans see Frank Catania in many episodes, as he lived with Dolores and they often hang out with their son, Frankie.

Dolores explained that she and Frank had a better relationship once they divorced. According to Page six“She said,” There wasn’t a lot of time to play games when you have two kids involved who can be hurt by their fighting parents. After my divorce, I decided I was going to make the most of the family I had. So I put aside a lot of things – my frustration, my resentment – that would happen with any sort of infidelity in a relationship, aside. “

According to, Dolores decided to end her marriage as she was about to give birth to Frankie.

Dolores also said: “I made myself to be the tallest person, which I am, to this day, very proud of – and it has worked for the best for everyone,” according to Page six.

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The arrangement of life

According to The list, Dolores said on RHONJ, “Not everyone understands our relationship, but it’s very simple. Frank and [his girlfriend] are still on break. My ex-husband lives at home. He needs me now. And having Frank at home is very nice. He fixes everything. Help me with the dogs. He is in good company. It’s pretty cool. “

Things have looked even more complicated lately, as Dolores has been in a relationship with David Principe, a doctor who works often and can’t attend the events and social gatherings she goes to.

Frank built David’s beautiful new house, which fans saw on the show, and Frank even moved into David’s house. Frank broke his legs after falling, according to, so he began to live with David.

Dolores and David’s romance has been a dramatic part of RHONJ, especially this season. When the cast members met a psychic, she mentioned that this relationship might not be Dolores’ and that she has great love going forward. Dolores reacted very calmly to this. Fans are also curious that Dolores and David don’t live together, as it seemed like the plan was for David to have this amazing new place that Dolores would also be living in. said that when Dolores appeared on Watch what is happening live in March 2021, she said she was going to keep David’s house as a place she could visit instead of living there. She explained, “I want a nice place to dress where I keep my pretty things, so I’m just going to use David’s house for that!” “

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According to People, Frank continued Watch what is happening live and called Dolores his soul mate. He said, “Even though we are not involved in a romantic relationship, I am still his soul mate.

It was interesting to hear that, and of course, RHONJ fans were curious what Dolores thought about it. Turns out she thinks that’s absolutely true. She said, “I can say I agree with him. You know, a soul mate, I don’t think she has to be an intimate relationship. A soul mate can be a dog, a soul mate can be. a kid or a best friend, and Frank is definitely my soul mate in the fact that I’ve done things from my past life and that says me and Frank have been bonded together for a long time so I could see that. “

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While Dolores and Frank Catania’s relationship may not follow tradition or convention, as most exes don’t continue to live in the same house and spend a lot of time together, it seems they are good friends. and that they have a very positive relationship now. RHONJ certainly wouldn’t be the same without Frank and Dolores.

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