“There were a few phone calls” – Daniel Ricciardo reveals his failed negotiations with Ferrari


“There were a few phone calls” – Daniel Ricciardo explains how his talks with Ferrari progressed last year to replace Sebastian Vettel.

Daniel Ricciardo showed his disinterest in continuing at Renault last year by not signing the contract, and eventually he joined McLaren at the earliest opportunity.

He was also linked to Ferrari and has now revealed the contact he made with them, but talks never progressed and Carlos Sainz eventually joined the Italian squad.

“It has never been close enough that there is an exchange of paper. There were a few phone calls, but even then the details were never reached: the numbers, the years, ”Ricciardo told ESPN.

“He never got to, say, the second stage. It was still at a basic level. While he was linked with Ferrari, there were discussions that he had the edge over other contenders due to his Italian heritage.

“There was chatter and stuff like that and of course when there was no Italian on the grid for a few years I think I was considered the closest thing, and the people said i would be a good person.

“But would we have been a good fit? Yeah, I think so, but I didn’t have blinders for it. Of course, that would have been a great story to tell.

Fan of Ferrari but never gave them a heart.

Ricciardo reveals that he was a Ferrari fan when he was young, but that he never decided to join Ferrari at a professional level and that he was open to other teams.

“I grew up very young before racing, it was Ferrari. [that I supported], “he added.” We were, I guess, a Ferrari family because my dad was born in Sicily, but it was kind of like that.

“And saying that, dad was also a big fan of Senna, so we didn’t live and died by Ferrari. I had some Ferrari merchandise, but it wasn’t my dream to race for them. My dream has always been to get into Formula One. ”

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