This finally explains how Dolores Catania makes money


For the cast of Real housewives from New Jersey, the apparent wealth of a member has been somewhat of a mystery. Part of the allure of reality TV like the Real housewives the franchise begins to peek behind the curtain at the lives of the rich and famous whose wealth gives them access to a different lifestyle.

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How did Dolores Catania make all that money anyway?

Dolores Catania’s wealth intrigued fans

The appearance of Dolores Catania on RHONJ was modest at first. She wasn’t even an official cast ‘friend’, but she was a real friend to a few of the cast members and she managed to make an appearance that caught the attention of fans.

Eventually, she was promoted to a cast member. As fans tried to figure out her story, some wondered how Catania – who seems to be doing quite well for herself – managed to make the money.

As The Things reports, the question is probably rooted in the fact that Catania didn’t have much under her belt when she started the series:

“Dolores was a housewife before stepping in front of the camera, making a living for herself and the lives of her two children, Frankie Jr. and Gabby, whom she raised as a single mom for 20 years!”

Catania revealed that she only had around $ 500 in the bank before joining the cast. His work along the way certainly hasn’t always been great either. Serving first as a shampooer in a salon, Catania eventually found a career in law enforcement as a corrections officer. It was his next gig, however, that changed his life.

She became a surgical assistant, and it was assisting Dr Bill Aydin – aka Jennifer Aydin’s husband – that helped her form a friendship that would ultimately turn her into a reality TV star. As Meaww reports, Catania has made its way to a much more substantial financial position. Through a home flip business she ran with her ex-husband, she paved the way for a net worth of $ 4 million.

Dolores Catania has many successful business ventures

Catania’s experience in real estate paved the way for further entrepreneurial activities. Passionate about fitness, Catania was a natural fit for a gym business, and has two of the facilities under the Powerhouse Fitness Centers brand. On top of that, she reportedly paid between $ 30,000 and $ 60,000 per episode for her time on the show.

She finds time to give back to the community as a whole and has invested in Roots & Wings, an organization that helps those who have aged outside of the foster care system find stability and secure housing.

Another passion for her is protecting the women and children who are in shelters, and she has also deployed philanthropic energy to support these causes.

The women of ‘RHONJ’ are particularly flashy

All of the Real housewives the series bring the drama, but there’s something about the New Jersey version that provided an extra dose of oomph.

From luxurious homes to stunning jewelry, there is a lot of wealth to display in the series, but the seemingly poor financial decisions of the cast members often leave viewers wondering how these women got so rich.

From Margaret Josephs (who was worth around $ 50 million before going through hard times in 2019) to Jennifer Goldschneider (who declared herself the “richest cast member” by hailing her inherited wealth and salary as ‘lawyer), the show’s reps have plenty of money, and their lifestyles reflect that.

It’s a lot of that glitz and glamor that kept the show going for 12 seasons with no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

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