This Sopranos supercut is a big plate of gabagool for The Godfather fans

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YouTube user Yaron Baruch has made an impressive cut of the “most notable” references to The Godfather throughout six seasons of the long-running HBO series The Sopranos.

But the visual mixtape isn’t just Tony and Christopher arguing over the meaning of a Sicilian unable to refuse a proposal on his daughter’s wedding day or Silvio Dante exclaiming “just when I thought I was got out, they took me back” to the back of the Bada Bing.

Some of the coolest nods are side-by-side comparisons of Soprano footage that mimics the shots and editing of Francis Ford Coppola’s classic film series (yes, even Part III), like a shot at Tony Soprano that mirrors the shot Marlon Brando in the original film. It’s like a big plate of gabagool for mafia photo fans.

In 1995, David Chase was approached to do The Godfather for television, but the creator bristled at the concept. “There is already a Godfather. Why are we gonna do this, guys with long coats and hats? Chase explained to The Hollywood Reporter Last year. He did, however, have a concept for a feature film about a mobster struggling with an overbearing mother that he would rework and evolve into. The Sopranos.

While Chase wasn’t content with just scamming The Godfather for television, one of the most remarkable aspects of The Sopranos was that all of the characters – not just the creatives behind the scenes – had seen and loved the same mob movies that the audience had.

The Godfather is arguably the most influential American mob film of all time. Its inclusion in The Sopranos adds a welcome meta-sensitivity that made sense in the context of the Tony Soprano saga and begs the question: are these gangsters simply living out fantasies they’ve seen on TV and in movies?

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