This young pilot is the youngest woman to fly around the world and the videos are so wholesome

Not many people can say they broke world records and flew around the world before they were even in their twenties, but this teenager can.

Zara Rutherford, a 19-year-old who holds dual British and Belgian nationality, has just broken records after becoming the youngest woman to fly her plane solo around the world.

Rutherford began her journey in Belgium in August 2021 and broke world records when she completed her journey on January 20, reported CNN.

Her journey has officially made her the youngest woman in the world to circumnavigate the globe solo, beating the last title holder by 11 years.

The previous woman to hold the record was Shaesta Waiz, and she was 30 when she broke the record.

“I’m at home!” Rutherford announced on his Instagram, celebrating his huge win.

“I was born into a family of aviators and was blessed with great role models among my parents and grandparents,” Rutherford said of her. website.

“I want to build on this legacy and inspire others. My goal is to encourage girls and young women to pursue their dreams and promote careers in aviation and STEM for them. Only 5% of pilots 15% of IT professionals are women. In both fields – aviation and STEM – the gender gap is huge.”

Her epic journey took her to 41 countries including the UK, Greenland, Canada, Colombia, Russia, India and even parts of the Middle East.

His only companion was his plane, a Shark, which was built to facilitate long journeys and reach high speeds of up to 300 km/h.
The hardest part of his trip was “flying over Siberia – it was extremely cold. It was minus 35 degrees Celsius on the ground,” Rutherford said.

During her ambitious endeavours, Rutherford has also supported two charities, Girls Who Code and Dream Soar, both of which aim to encourage women to pursue careers in STEM.

“Girls are often encouraged to be beautiful, kind, helpful and sweet. With my flight, I want to show young women that they can be bold, ambitious and achieve their dreams,” Rutherford said.

Rutherford has a bright future ahead of her and hopes to study computer science and engineering in college and eventually wants to become an astronaut.

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