Vendetta Truth Lies and The Mafia Season 1: release date and plot


Vendetta Truth lies and the Mafia Season 1 release date. Vendetta, Truth, Lies and The Mafia season 1 is coming soon Netflix series. Everything is ready to go out this year. Davide Gambino will be the director of the series. It’s an Italian series and its original title is Vendetta: Guerra Nell’antimafia. The documentary tells about human and procedural events. This is the story of the clash between Pino Maniaci and Silvana Saguto. Pino and Silvana are two prominent anti-Mafia figures. Vendetta, Truth, Lies and The Mafia will officially release this month. The trailer for the series has already been on YouTube. The new six-part documentary is slated for release on Netflix next week. The series will make its world debut on Netflix. It is produced by award-winning production company Nutopia in collaboration with Mon Amour Films.

Today in the article, we’re going to talk about Vendetta Truth Lies and The Mafia Season 1 release date. First, we will talk about the plot of the film, and then we will talk about the casting. In addition to that, the article also covers the streaming platforms of Vendetta season 1. In addition, we will also talk about the release date of Vendetta: Guerra Nell’antimafia.

Here is the trailer for the Documentary series.

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What is the plot of Vendetta Truth, Lies and Mafia Season1?

The documentary series follows the story of journalist Pino Maniaci and judge Silvana Saguto. Pino opens a journalistic investigation against Silvana. She was accused of patronage management of confiscated Mafia property. In return, Judge Silvana accused him of supporting mafia families whose property had been confiscated. Vendetta’s truth lies, and the Mafia is the story that turns between the two to find out the real culprit. This is the story of two leaders at the heart of the anti-mafia movement in Sicily. Maniaci, a television journalist, is accused of a crime held on his local television channel ‘Telejato’. For 20 years, he has been fighting organized crime. While Saguto is Italy’s most powerful anti-mafia judge battling a mafia in Sicily.

The two crossed paths when Maniaci began investigating corruption allegations against the Sicilian judiciary. He claims that Silvana, along with her family, operates a magic circle to siphon money. Silvana, in turn, accused him of being the spokesperson for the Mafia. Vendetta Truth Children and the Mafia Season 1 is a story of unseen lies in search of the truth. So wait and see what happens when those who are the protectors of the law are accused of being criminals themselves.

Pino Maniaci, the journalist, still from Vendetta Truth lies and the Mafia season 1

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Who is part of the cast of Vendetta Season 1?

Vendetta: Guerra Nell’antimafia will feature Pino Maniaci and Silvana Saguto in the lead. They are eminent anti-mafia figures. In addition, the series is produced by Mon Amour Films and Nutopia. In addition, Netflix will serve as the documentary’s distribution partner. Davide Gambino, the director of the series, will also be the writer of Vendetta season 1. In addition to this, Ruggero Di Maggio will be the writer of the series.

Silvana sugato
Silvana Saguto, the judge, Vendetta Truth lies and the mafia season 1 || Netflix || || Nutipia || | My Love Films ||

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Vendetta Truth lies and the Mafia Season 1: Release Date

Vendetta, Truth Lies and The Mafia Season 1 will premiere on September 24, 2021. It will air in the US and UK on September 24. In a week, this incredible series will be here on your screen. But where to watch Vendetta season 1? Well, that’s in there in the article.

Vendetta truth lies and the Mafia season 1 release date
Vendetta Truth Lies and the Mafia Season 1 || Netflix || || The Journalist Poll ||

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Where to watch Vendetta season 1?

Vendetta: Guerra Nell’antimafia premieres on Netflix next week Friday. It will arrive on your Netflix screen on September 24, 2021. You must have a Netflix subscription to watch the series.

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