Weather forecast, good weather improving but with remaining storms: here’s where


The African hurricane is fully active and the impacts are evident throughout the national territory, with the exception of the time relays in the northeast: these are the main weather forecasts for Thursday, May 27, according to army data. Italian air force for civil protection and meteorologist. Mario Gullici.

Let’s start with the data from the official bulletin of National Civil Protection Administration Out late wednesday night May 26 It is valid all day today, Thursday May 27. The map of Italy is completely green, therefore no adverse weather warnings or specific warnings are activated on individual territories.

Meteorological Service of the Italian Air Force

With data from the official bulletin of Meteorological service Dellair force Of May 27 Let’s see the forecasts in the different regions of Italy.

Northern Italy: – Very cloudy skies over the Alpine Belt with frequent thunderstorms late in the morning, with rain showers gradually moving to the northeast, particularly in Veneto and Friuli-Venezia Giulia. By the end of the afternoon, complete exhaustion of the phenomena with potentially abundant bursts of light.

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Central Italy and Sardinia: – Good weather conditions prevail with the passage of fine, compressed but elevated clouds. From the end of the afternoon, the condensation will be regular and weak but always in a dry context except Lazio and Abruzzo Scattered thunderstorms can occur.

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Southern Italy and Sicily: – Clear skies for most parts of the south except Sicily and Calabria, where scattered rains and sudden thunderstorms are likely. From the afternoon, there will be a noticeable improvement with a clear or slightly hazy sky.

Weather forecast May 27: video from meteorologist Gullaci

The minimum temperatures are unchanged compared to the data of May 26 and in any case to the seasonal average, with the exception of the expected increase in Tuscany, Umbria and Marky. the Extreme temperatures It is stable except for the expected elevations in Piedmont, Lombardy and Emilia Romagna. Slight decline in Sicily and Puglia.

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