When will France, Spain and the USA be added to the green list?



The holidays are finally back. On Monday, May 17, British travelers boarded flights to “ green list ” destinations including Gibraltar, Madeira, Iceland and mainland Portugal, knowing they would not need to step in. in quarantine on their return to the UK.

The list of destinations we are currently visiting in England (and soon in Scotland) is relatively short. Twelve countries and territories only, including those mentioned above, plus Israel, New Zealand, Australia, Saint Helena, Falkland Islands, Faroe Islands, Brunei, Singapore and South Georgia and the Sandwich Islands.

You will notice glaring omissions. Where are Spain, France, Italy and Greece’s favorite vacations on our vacation list? All are currently ‘orange’, meaning two tests and ten-day quarantine upon their return to the UK – regardless of vaccination status.

So which countries are next on the “green list”? And when will this announcement be made? Here’s everything you need to know about Green Watch List countries.

How does the government decide on the green list?

The UK says its assessment of traffic lights is based on vaccination progress, infection rates, the prevalence of variants of concern and a country’s access to genomic sequencing.

As was the case last year with travel lanes (remember them? Simpler times), other factors may come into play, such as a destination’s popularity with British holidaymakers (in benefit of the Mediterranean islands).

Will the EU be open to the British this summer?

Yes. British holidaymakers are expected to receive the green light from the EU on Wednesday 19 May to use “vaccine passports” to enter Europe.

EU ambassadors are expected to sign a plan to allow fully vaccinated Britons to travel to Europe without having to take a Covid test or be quarantined.

When will the UK green list be reassessed next?

The green list will then be evaluated on June 7, but it is hoped that the government will give an advance warning of which countries are on the green “watch list” for the summer, so people can plan their vacations more. in advance.

You can find the full timeline of key dates in the Vacation Roadmap, here.

The countries at dawn

The situation is obviously changing rapidly, with data on case rates and vaccine progress difficult to predict, but we’ve tightened some of the numbers to weigh in on the condition of those on the cusp of the green list.

For reference, the case rate data is a seven-day average per 100,000 population, with the UK at 22.23 (May 18), and we have given the vaccine percentages for the first and second doses, as of May 18.


Case rate: 73.72 (seven-day moving average per 100,000)

Vaccine progression: 37% (first dose); 17.3% (second dose)

Spain is the most popular country with British holidaymakers, attracting more travelers than Italy, Greece and Portugal combined in 2019.

With its reduction in the case rate and improving immunization progress, Spain is one of the main candidates to be included in the next “green list” update on June 7. Should the mainland run out, Grant Shapps hinted that the islands would be assessed separately from the mainland, meaning the Balearic and Canary Islands, including Ibiza, Mallorca, and Tenerife, could get the go-ahead regardless of the rest of the world. Spain.

The noises from Spain have certainly been positive. The country’s tourism minister, Fernando Valdés, said the country was preparing for a summer restart. “We are desperate to welcome [the British] this summer, ”he said. “I think we’ll be ready here in Spain and we also think things on the UK vaccination program are going pretty well. So I hope that this summer we will see the resumption of the holidays. “

The country is set to reopen to tourists on June 1, or perhaps earlier.

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