Why did ‘RHONJ’ stars Dolores and Frank Catania divorce?



Dedicated fans of The real housewives have seen many couples divorce over the years, and most of the time the splits have been going on for years.

When viewers officially met Dolores Catania Season 7 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, they were struck by her close friendship with her ex-husband, Frank Catania.

The exes shared a house, they continued to spend their free time together, and they fiercely supported their children, Frankie and Gabrielle Catania.

While some might have thought their friendship dynamic would change once Dolores started dating Dr. David Principe, that ended up being the furthest thing from the truth. Instead, Frank and David became best friends, and they even lived together while Frank recovered from an injury.

Their obvious bond and unwavering loyalty to one another has often left fans (and other wives) wondering, why did Dolores and Frank get divorced in the first place?

Why did Dolores and Frank get a divorce?

While Frank and Dolores make co-parenting easy, the two haven’t always been as close as they are. RHONJ. As Dolores mentioned in the April 28 episode of the hit series Bravo, she left Frank when she was nine months pregnant with their son, Frankie.

The divorced duo have been separated for more than 22 years, and Big Frank’s infidelity was a major contributor to their marriage’s demise.

When Dolores and Frank first divorced, they weren’t on good terms. Once Frank ended his relationship with the “other” woman he had cheated on Dolores with, the two were able to focus on healing.

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“We had a very difficult time years ago and I had a lot of pain and anger to deal with,” Dolores said. HuffPost in 2016. “I mean, he cheated (he’s not with that woman anymore now, thank goodness) and ended up leaving us right before I was due to give birth,” Dolores said. “It took a lot of blood, sweat and tears, but we managed to fix it. It sure wasn’t always easy or something like that now.”

the RHONJ star has chosen to let go of some things and focus on the bigger picture for her children.

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“Besides getting angry and getting rid of it all, I’ve learned that biting certain things helps me too – when I now think back, I’m happy for some of those things that I took away,” she added. “I stood up, got out of marriage but there are some things that were not worth fighting for and I’m honestly happy that I exercised the proper and necessary restraint because we have the friendship. that we have today. “

During Dolores’ first season as a full-time cast member in 2016, Frank Sr. was in a relationship with his longtime girlfriend for over a decade. The two later broke up and viewers were hoping for a reconciliation as the former spouses were both single.

However, Dolores quickly started dating Dr. David – and he’s since become a popular topic in Season 11.

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