Win a $ 50,000 ‘Shred Shed’ Backyard Gymnasium Filled with Muscle Milk Exercise Equipment


The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has affected just about everything in our lives, including exercise to stay healthy and fit.

With many gyms and fitness clubs closed, and expensive or often out of stock workout equipment, the Muscle Milk brand announced in a press release that they will be giving one lucky person the ultimate “Shred Shed” for his or her. garden.

Valued at over $ 50,000, this special structure will feature many of the amenities of a gymnasium with the minimum footprint of a shed, so it will fit into most people’s backyards. . Approximate dimensions are 10 feet wide by 8 feet deep and 10 feet high with a 4 foot deck out front.

The compact structure has been designed to help athletes, or anyone wishing to exercise, achieve effective training for mental and physical well-being, similar to what Muscle Milk strives to achieve with ” High quality complete protein to support daily recovery from exercise ”.

Additionally, there will be 50 side winners, each receiving a kettlebell and 24-pack of Muscle Milk to aid in their home workouts and workout recovery.

Some varieties of Muscle Milk presented courtesy of Muscle Milk.

To enter the raffle, visit Muscle Milk’s “Improve Your Strength” website and fill out some general information about yourself, then tell Muscle Milk in 500 characters or less how having a “Shred Shed” will help you ” become the owner of your force ”. Then get creative by submitting a photo that shows how you’ve adapted your approach to fitness in 2020.

Entrants will be judged on the benefits they think the Shred Shed will bring them, the creativity of their approach to fitness, and the quality of their photos.

Winners will be selected and notified after the contest closes on February 5th.

Shred Shed equipment and amenities may include, but are not limited to:

  • An adjustable workout bench.
  • A tool for deep muscle recovery.
  • A set of resistance bands.
  • A squat rack system with plate weights.
  • An iPad that includes a one-year subscription to the California Strength training program.
  • A punching / training bag (weighted base).
  • An exercise bike.
  • A yoga set consisting of a yoga mat and several blocks.
  • A Muscle Milk refrigerator.
  • A set of bluetooth speakers.
  • Different sized medicine ball and kettlebell sets with supports.
  • Rubber gym floor throughout the shed.

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