Wordle users have warned that the new Twitter bot could RUINE the game for them – here’s how to avoid it

A WORDLE bot using a cheat code to predict tomorrow’s word reveals them on Twitter, users warn.

A word fan reverse-engineered the game to predict the next word of the day, now a Twitter bot is using cheats to ruin the game for others.


Twitter bot is ruining Wordle game for users.

Wordle, a free online game that gives users six chances to guess a five-letter word, has quickly become one of the hottest topics online, taking over Twitter feeds.

The game was created by Josh Wardle, a programmer, in October 2021.

In just four months, the browser game became so popular that it prompted software engineer Robert Reiche to reverse engineer it to find the word of the day.

Basically, Reichel discovered that the word of the day is “embedded client side”, which means that the word of the day can be viewed on the game’s website.

However, after reworking the cheat code, Reichel was able to figure out what Wordle’s word of the day was, even before it went live.

Now it looks like someone has used this cheat to create an automated Twitter bot called “The Wordlinator”, which reveals the next day’s word.

The bot is apparently on a mission to ruin the game for anyone who encounters it.

The account’s goal is to “end the Wordle bragging” as it automatically responds to Twitter users who share their successful Wordle results with a spoiler for the next day’s word.

Sometimes the automated replies accuse users of “bragging” about their scores, while other times they claim that people sharing their results are “ruining up Twitter for everyone.”

It looks like the account has been suspended multiple times, but it seems to keep popping up, according to reports.

Wordle users are advised to block the account or report it if they want to share their results in peace.

Wordle quickly became popular after its launch in October 2021


Wordle quickly became popular after its launch in October 2021
Wordle has become the most popular new online word game

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